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Eco-friendly Packaging: Printed Corrugated Box Carton, Cardboard Sheets Wholesaler and Supplier

We debuted as carton packaging manufacturers back in 2001, a new addition to the then Manaksia Industries Limited, better known for metal packaging at that time. We included a wide range of quality carton boxes including laminated cartons, pasted and/or stapled cartons, along with it, we also substantiated as a printed corrugated box manufacturer, offering multi-color prints of brand names or promotional messages and other imprints on the boxes. We received clients from various industries in India, like packaged food, beverages, stationery and electronics. We essentially met the requirements of those looking for low priced corrugated boxes wholesale. We got a substantial response, as well as repute in the packaging industry for being a versatile and budget friendly corrugated carton box supplier in India.

Our foremost criteria have been to provide sturdy and versatile products that can withstand the wear and tear associated with packing, transporting, shipping and storage of the products that the box would be carrying inside, and along with it, can also be used for branding. The packaging industry has largely changed, with the widespread increase of freighting of goods that consumers buy online. The shipping of these articles, whether clothes, grocery, electronics or books, have increased the demand for a sturdy and lightweight material that is conveniently aided by corrugated cardboard packaging. And the same box is used for branding the online store that’s supplying the product. So manufacturing corrugated boxes is not enough, a printed cardboard carton box manufacturer, should also establish designing and printing to its line of services.

And understanding the variations of goods and the expectations associated with corrugated packaging suppliers, we have ensured a production unit that takes care of all the essentials for fully customized cartons and boxes, lived up to the core requirements of the clients. Whether you need an envelope style packet for clothes, or a sturdy box to carry large heavy materials like television or appliances; or covering an entire refrigerator, every requirement and specification of functionality, size and shape is accounted for our tailor made packaging solutions. We also substantiate designing and branding essentials for printed cardboard cartons.

Along with being corrugated carton box suppliers, we also supply corrugated cardboard sheets that can be used to make boxes and packaging as and how required.