Crown Closures

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Crown Closures from BKM Industries are of International standards and are manufactured in modern, upgraded, state-of-the-art crown closure manufacturing units in Hyderabad and Silvassa in India.

International standards of Metallic Printed Crown Caps and beverage closures are manufactured by BKM Industries, at our modern, upgraded and state-of-the-art crown cap manufacturer units in Hyderabad and Silvassa in India. Largely used as a sealant for beer and soft drinks, we cater to a wide clientele, including prestigious International brands like Pepsico, Coca Cola India and Carlsberg India.

Aluminium Crown Cap and Beverage Closures Manufacturer

The crown closures are available in both PVC and PVC free lining compounds, which are molded in absolute dust free pressure enforced process without any manual intervention by our factory workers. The manufacturing process ensures proper hygiene measures for use as beverage bottle closures that keep the beverage fresh and safe for consumption.

We deliver multi color printing with any kind of design, brand logo or other imprints fully customized for the client, without any compromises on quality. It is because the crowns are very small, we are extra careful with the printing process, and never involve any manual handling of the products before they are fully ready. For printing the crowns, we incorporate a systematic computer generated process, eliminating any consequence for print mistake and computer mechanized statistical quality control of the crown dimensions prevent all consequences of deviation of the brand label. We ensure sophisticated inspection protocols at multiple levels of production, ensuring consistent quality products every time.

Ensuring the multiple needs and choices of modern packaging industries, we live by the rules of quality in out methods, and consistency in our deliverance, aided by the proper technological advances that our clients would expect.