Deep Drawn ROPP Closures

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The Deep Drawn & the Extra Deep Drawn ROPP Closures produced by BKM Industries Limited is complimented with state-of-the-art dry offset printing with zero distortion.

International brands like SMIRNOFF Vodka, ARCHERS peach Schnapps, BAILEYS Cream Liqueur entered the Indian market with BKM Industries ’s brand of deep drawn closures in early 1990s’.

Deep Drawn Metal ROPP, Liquor Bottle Caps Maker

ROPP caps (Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof) are primarily used by bottle closure manufacturers all over the world, as an ideal mechanism for closing and sealing metal, glass or plastic bottles, most commonly for containing liquid products, such as medicine, alcohol, honey and the likes.

Aluminum ROPP caps are not only easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, they also offer superior quality packaging. It provides as an efficient sealant for containers, preventing pilferage and retaining essential flavor and purities before it’s bought by consumers. This seal can be broken with a gentle twist. And, even after breaking the seal, and part consumption of the product, when the cap is fastened back onto the bottle or container, it restores the content from drying, evaporating or decomposing.

BKM Industries is one of the largest aluminum / aluminium ropp caps manufacturers in India, primarily for our dynamic and wide spread options for aesthetically unique and high quality ROPP seals and caps with essential removal torque available in wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and designs tailored for specific styles and applications of containers, the caps and closures range from Plain Printed Caps, Side Embossed and Knurl Embossed Chamfered Caps, Top Embossed Caps, to Deep Drawn & Extra Deep Drawn Side (Steel Cap Type) dry offset printed caps.

We are equipped with zero distortion, state-of-art dry offset printing technology, for manufacturing Deep Drawn & Extra Deep Drawn ROPP Closures. The Extra Deep Drawn closure systems with intricate side decorations fend off duplication and tempering of the packaging and the product. Looking back to the 1990s, when global brands like Smirnoff Vodka and BAILEYS Cream Liqueur entered the Indian market, they used with aluminum / aluminium ROPP closures manufactured by BKM Industries’ (then Manaksia Industries Ltd.). We have maintained our standards just the same way, and cater to a wide expanse of businesses in India.