Plastic Closures

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Plastic caps and closures are widely used for packaging carbonated soft drink (CSD) and packaged drinking water. When it comes to fizzy drinks, plastic caps play a significant role in preserving the fizz for an elongated time span, during freight and storage of the beverage, before it is bought by the consumers. This type of plastic closure caps allows as a sealant as well as airtight closure for the bottle, so that it can be opened, the content consumed, refrigerated, and stored again, keeping it afresh for later consumption. Their essential temper proof nature, makes them durable throughout the multi-handling, from the warehouse, to shops, to consumers.

Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Plastic CSD Closures and Caps for Beverage Bottles

At BKM Industries, we have been one of the most prominent plastic closures manufacturers in India. The CSD closures are suitable for PCO 1810 neck finish with shell weight as 2.8 grams and the inner liner weight as 0.3 grams, the total cap weight is 3.1 grams. We are also able to provide closures suitable for PCO 1881 neck finish with shell weight as 2.4 grams and the inner liner weight as 0.25 grams, the total cap weight is 2.65 grams.

We primarily manufacture two-piece CSD closures, this kind of bottle cap supplies for both polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and glass bottles. The closures are fabricated with a separate inner liner, made of Polyethylene (TPE); and a “lip” profile, that is matched in exact dimensions with the bottle lip.

The manufacturing process is carried out on sophisticated SACMI plastic closure manufacturing machineries that are made in Italy, and are world leaders in providing the best in class plastic closure manufacturing plants.

With over 45years in the Indian Packaging industry, making our mark as the ideal bottle cap maker for companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo, we have come to terms, with the avid understanding, intuition and value system for providing the best in class quality for caps and closures manufacturing, added with a vast options of design centric creations, that are tailored as per the client’s requirements. It’s our constant endeavour to supply you the best products, in terms of quality and functionality, with the incorporation of cutting edge technology and avid understanding of latest market trends and demands.