Shallow ROPP Closures

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Shallow Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) aluminium bottle caps are widely used for packaging purposes, most commonly as liquor bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, non-carbonated beverages, oil among many other products. This is ideal for tall necked bottles, typically used as liquor caps, and tall neck glass bottles, adding extra protection against pilferage, and airtight preservation.

Aluminium ROPP Bottle Caps, Closures Manufacturer and Supplier

At BKM Industries, we have over 45years of experience, in the metal packaging industry in India, making our mark as one of the most reliable aluminium caps manufacturers in the nation, catering to diverse industries, and successfully fulfilling the diverse expectations of packaging solutions.

Manufactured with high quality aluminium, it ensures long term storage with adequate air tight preservation, and prevents pilferage and other damages, during the various stages of storage, handling, freighting before the products are sold to consumers. With suitable opening torque and high quality multi-color printing, the closures are aesthetically unique and technically user-friendly.

The manufacturing process goes through our sophisticated technologies, and multi level inspection for our unfaltering quality.