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BKM Industries specializes in the manufacturing of packaging products, (crowns, closures and metal containers), metal products and fast moving consumer goods, among others.

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  1. Crown Closures

    Crown Closures from BKM Industries are of International standards and are manufactured in modern, upgraded, state-of-the-art crown closure manufacturing units in Hyderabad and Silvassa in India. International standards of Metallic Printed Crown Caps and beverage closures are manufactured by BKM Industries, at our modern, upgraded and state-of-the-art crown cap manufacturer units in Hyderabad and Silvassa in India. Largely used as a sealant for beer and soft drinks, we cater to a wide clientele, including prestigious International brands like Pepsico, Coca Cola India and Carlsberg India. Aluminium Crown Cap and Beverage Closures Manufacturer The crown closures are available in both PVC and PVC free lining compounds, which are molded in absolute dust free pressure enforced process without any manual intervention by our factory workers. The manufacturing process ensures proper hygiene measures for use as beverage bottle closures that keep the beverage fresh and safe for consumption. We deliver multi color printing with any kind of design, brand logo or other imprints fully customized for the client, without any compromises on quality. It is because the crowns are very small, we are extra careful with the printing process, and never involve any manual handling of the products before they are fully ready. For printing the crowns, we incorporate a systematic computer generated process, eliminating any consequence for print mistake and computer mechanized statistical quality control of the crown dimensions prevent all consequences of deviation of the brand label. We ensure sophisticated inspection protocols at multiple levels of production, ensuring consistent quality products every time. Ensuring the multiple needs and choices of modern packaging industries, we live by the rules of quality in out methods, and consistency in our deliverance, aided by the proper technological advances that our clients would expect.
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  2. Shallow ROPP Closures

    Shallow Roll On Pilfer Proof (ROPP) aluminium bottle caps are widely used for packaging purposes, most commonly as liquor bottle caps, medicine bottle caps, non-carbonated beverages, oil among many other products. This is ideal for tall necked bottles, typically used as liquor caps, and tall neck glass bottles, adding extra protection against pilferage, and airtight preservation. Aluminium ROPP Bottle Caps, Closures Manufacturer and Supplier At BKM Industries, we have over 45years of experience, in the metal packaging industry in India, making our mark as one of the most reliable aluminium caps manufacturers in the nation, catering to diverse industries, and successfully fulfilling the diverse expectations of packaging solutions. Manufactured with high quality aluminium, it ensures long term storage with adequate air tight preservation, and prevents pilferage and other damages, during the various stages of storage, handling, freighting before the products are sold to consumers. With suitable opening torque and high quality multi-color printing, the closures are aesthetically unique and technically user-friendly. The manufacturing process goes through our sophisticated technologies, and multi level inspection for our unfaltering quality.
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  3. Deep Drawn ROPP Closures

    The Deep Drawn & the Extra Deep Drawn ROPP Closures produced by BKM Industries Limited is complimented with state-of-the-art dry offset printing with zero distortion. International brands like SMIRNOFF Vodka, ARCHERS peach Schnapps, BAILEYS Cream Liqueur entered the Indian market with BKM Industries ’s brand of deep drawn closures in early 1990s’. Deep Drawn Metal ROPP, Liquor Bottle Caps Maker ROPP caps (Roll-On-Pilfer-Proof) are primarily used by bottle closure manufacturers all over the world, as an ideal mechanism for closing and sealing metal, glass or plastic bottles, most commonly for containing liquid products, such as medicine, alcohol, honey and the likes. Aluminum ROPP caps are not only easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, they also offer superior quality packaging. It provides as an efficient sealant for containers, preventing pilferage and retaining essential flavor and purities before it’s bought by consumers. This seal can be broken with a gentle twist. And, even after breaking the seal, and part consumption of the product, when the cap is fastened back onto the bottle or container, it restores the content from drying, evaporating or decomposing. BKM Industries is one of the largest aluminum / aluminium ropp caps manufacturers in India, primarily for our dynamic and wide spread options for aesthetically unique and high quality ROPP seals and caps with essential removal torque available in wide range of colors, shapes, sizes and designs tailored for specific styles and applications of containers, the caps and closures range from Plain Printed Caps, Side Embossed and Knurl Embossed Chamfered Caps, Top Embossed Caps, to Deep Drawn & Extra Deep Drawn Side (Steel Cap Type) dry offset printed caps. We are equipped with zero distortion, state-of-art dry offset printing technology, for manufacturing Deep Drawn & Extra Deep Drawn ROPP Closures. The Extra Deep Drawn closure systems with intricate side decorations fend off duplication and tempering of the packaging and the product. Looking back to the 1990s, when global brands like Smirnoff Vodka and BAILEYS Cream Liqueur entered the Indian market, they used with aluminum / aluminium ROPP closures manufactured by BKM Industries’ (then Manaksia Industries Ltd.). We have maintained our standards just the same way, and cater to a wide expanse of businesses in India.
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  4. Plastic Closures

    Plastic caps and closures are widely used for packaging carbonated soft drink (CSD) and packaged drinking water. When it comes to fizzy drinks, plastic caps play a significant role in preserving the fizz for an elongated time span, during freight and storage of the beverage, before it is bought by the consumers. This type of plastic closure caps allows as a sealant as well as airtight closure for the bottle, so that it can be opened, the content consumed, refrigerated, and stored again, keeping it afresh for later consumption. Their essential temper proof nature, makes them durable throughout the multi-handling, from the warehouse, to shops, to consumers. Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Plastic CSD Closures and Caps for Beverage Bottles At BKM Industries, we have been one of the most prominent plastic closures manufacturers in India. The CSD closures are suitable for PCO 1810 neck finish with shell weight as 2.8 grams and the inner liner weight as 0.3 grams, the total cap weight is 3.1 grams. We are also able to provide closures suitable for PCO 1881 neck finish with shell weight as 2.4 grams and the inner liner weight as 0.25 grams, the total cap weight is 2.65 grams. We primarily manufacture two-piece CSD closures, this kind of bottle cap supplies for both polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles and glass bottles. The closures are fabricated with a separate inner liner, made of Polyethylene (TPE); and a “lip” profile, that is matched in exact dimensions with the bottle lip. The manufacturing process is carried out on sophisticated SACMI plastic closure manufacturing machineries that are made in Italy, and are world leaders in providing the best in class plastic closure manufacturing plants. With over 45years in the Indian Packaging industry, making our mark as the ideal bottle cap maker for companies like Coca Cola and PepsiCo, we have come to terms, with the avid understanding, intuition and value system for providing the best in class quality for caps and closures manufacturing, added with a vast options of design centric creations, that are tailored as per the client’s requirements. It’s our constant endeavour to supply you the best products, in terms of quality and functionality, with the incorporation of cutting edge technology and avid understanding of latest market trends and demands.
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  5. Printed & Coated Sheets

    Screen Printing on Coated Aluminium/Metal Sheet Printing on aluminium sheets is a very common metal packaging system, widely used for fabrication of metallic cans, jars and containers for beverages, aerosol sprays, creams and cosmetics. We also supply color coated sheet metal which can be used for producing batches of crown caps and metallic caps. Printed & Coated aluminium sheets are manufactured at BKM Industries Limited. Our primary area of operation is producing metallic crowns and bottle closures; metal containers and cans. We have come across a long term history for being one of the major aluminium sheet suppliers operating in India, supplying to prestigious brands like Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Diageo & SAB Miller among many others. The aluminum metal substitutes as a substrate, manifesting excellent adherence for carrying the colors and imprints and shining like new with its corrosion and wear resistant nature, which is brilliant for screen printing on metal sheets. This makes possible, creating unique and sophisticated metal packages or containers with variants in finishes detailing and designs, adding to the brand value of the product. We duly understand the various concepts and importance of quality packaging that competitive brands look up to, for impacting their brand value. With the widespread awareness about environmental sustainability, aluminium is one of the most widely recycled materials that make it largely eco-friendly. The demand for metal packaging and aluminum containers has increased. When at a time, metallic cans were typecast for packing soft drinks, today it’s being used at large, by cosmetic industries, packaged food and toiletries, among many others. Therefore, we at BKM Industries come face to face with the modern expectations that brands would have from the modern metal packaging industry. This is the reason why we have ensured a state-of-the-art manufacturing process, carried out with systematic incorporation of high precision and de-greasing equipments that are used to de-grease the coil in first stage. This ensures complete cleaning of the sheets, so to facilitate perfect printing and coating, thereby yielding top quality finish and zero possibility of paint peel-off. Our manufacturing process takes place at 3 of our strategically located facilities in Hyderabad, Silvassa & Kolkata (all in India). We supply to industries all over India, and are focused onto becoming an equally trusted provider of global packaging solutions.
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  6. Aluminum Foil Containers

    The latest addition to the company’s packaging product range is manufacturing of aluminum foil containers. Enduring the practical needs of food packaging for takeaway purposes by restaurants, home delivery and catering services, aluminum takeout containers offers ideal solutions, for being spoil proof, sturdy and more eco-friendly to dispose, for ample scope of recycling. Aluminium Foil Packaging: Food Trays with Lids, Takeout Containers Manufacturer, Supplier and Wholesaler Impacted by the widespread use and persistent demand for aluminium container manufacturers and suppliers in India, at BKM industries we have decided to include this extremely utilitarian and multi-purpose packaging in our range of products. We are currently offering foil pans with lids wholesale and aluminium foil trays wholesale, which can be an excellent cost effective solution for all kinds of food packaging and takeaway/parceling purposes. We have made available in a wide range of sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of packaging, which can be customized as per the requirement of the client. In our product range, you will find a variety of options, from small and basic aluminium foil containers, half and full deep dish to sectionalized large food trays, used at school or office catering for parceling food; available in square and rectangular sizes, starting from 250ml, and going up to 500ml, 750ml or more. We offer oblong, round and oval shapes to suit all the justifications of shapes. These are also excellent as baking trays, which can be reused as a kitchen tool for baking cakes and pies. The soft, malleable nature of the foil makes it an excellent mold, and it’s microwave friendly too. If handled with a little care, it can be impressively durable, practically, a zero cost kitchenware. These can keep food fresh for long periods, and can also be used for storage and refrigeration of food items. Its stackable, clean appearance makes organizing very easy. The aluminium container manufacturing process at BKM industries goes through various levels of quality checking, ensuring our high quality standard. Our long term reputation as one of the largest metal packaging companies in India is impacted by the long term relations with and over 45years of experience in the industry. So you may rest assured for complete reliance that we are geared up for providing you not only the best products, but also the best customer satisfaction by means of cost, timely delivery and product customization.
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  7. Corrugated Sheets & Boxes

    Eco-friendly Packaging: Printed Corrugated Box Carton, Cardboard Sheets Wholesaler and Supplier We debuted as carton packaging manufacturers back in 2001, a new addition to the then Manaksia Industries Limited, better known for metal packaging at that time. We included a wide range of quality carton boxes including laminated cartons, pasted and/or stapled cartons, along with it, we also substantiated as a printed corrugated box manufacturer, offering multi-color prints of brand names or promotional messages and other imprints on the boxes. We received clients from various industries in India, like packaged food, beverages, stationery and electronics. We essentially met the requirements of those looking for low priced corrugated boxes wholesale. We got a substantial response, as well as repute in the packaging industry for being a versatile and budget friendly corrugated carton box supplier in India. Our foremost criteria have been to provide sturdy and versatile products that can withstand the wear and tear associated with packing, transporting, shipping and storage of the products that the box would be carrying inside, and along with it, can also be used for branding. The packaging industry has largely changed, with the widespread increase of freighting of goods that consumers buy online. The shipping of these articles, whether clothes, grocery, electronics or books, have increased the demand for a sturdy and lightweight material that is conveniently aided by corrugated cardboard packaging. And the same box is used for branding the online store that’s supplying the product. So manufacturing corrugated boxes is not enough, a printed cardboard carton box manufacturer, should also establish designing and printing to its line of services. And understanding the variations of goods and the expectations associated with corrugated packaging suppliers, we have ensured a production unit that takes care of all the essentials for fully customized cartons and boxes, lived up to the core requirements of the clients. Whether you need an envelope style packet for clothes, or a sturdy box to carry large heavy materials like television or appliances; or covering an entire refrigerator, every requirement and specification of functionality, size and shape is accounted for our tailor made packaging solutions. We also substantiate designing and branding essentials for printed cardboard cartons. Along with being corrugated carton box suppliers, we also supply corrugated cardboard sheets that can be used to make boxes and packaging as and how required.
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