Our Vision

BKM Industries Limited strives to be a customer-oriented, market-led company where the satisfaction of customers, the personal development of employees and respect for the environment are seen as being inseparable from the aim of creating value for the shareholders.

Our Mission

BKM Industries’ mission is to operate as a customer centric organization, with the constant endeavour to maintain a healthy and prospective working environment for its employees.

  • Provide the safest possible natural environment, a sense of identity and a rewarding career opportunity for our employees
  • Generate the highest level of satisfaction to customers.
  • Optimise returns to shareholders.

Our Best Quality Included

BKM Industries Limited has always maintained strictest quality standards in its manufacturing process to ensure that only the best and the finest products are released for use.


Standards of Products

Managing risks & Improving

Increase Product Sales

Understanding Buyer Experience

Product Certification

I am pleased to introduce you to BKM Industries. The “BKM Industries” name today is a widely recognized and accepted brand in the metal packaging scene of India. BKM Industries Limited formerly, Manaksia Industries Ltd, Packaging Division, was founded as a single ROPP closure-manufacturing unit in 1972 and is presently one of the largest manufacturers of metal caps and closures in Asia. BKM Industries is a market leader in most of its product segments. Our name has become synonymous with metal packaging in India and is one of the trusted names in our country. An ‘ideal company’ in the 21st century should fulfil its responsibilities as a responsible corporate citizen, maintaining the highest levels of business ethics coupled with superior performance. We at BKM Industries are eager to meet these challenges, as we see opportunities to apply our superior technical skills and long term experience for providing value added and sustainable packaging solutions in everyday life. We are committed to a high level of customer satisfaction with technological innovations, reliable services, protection of the environment and increased operational safety, at the same time building the BKM Industries brand into a powerful and highly regarded one in the global packaging industry.

Chairman’s Message

Chairman’s Message

We are certified by

BKM Industries specializes in the manufacturing of packaging products, (crowns, closures and metal containers), metal products and fast moving consumer goods, among others.

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